If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“When you are getting braces on your teeth for the first time, it is scary because you’ve never experienced it before. The people in Dr. Vossers’ office talk you through it and make you feel very comfortable. They are all so friendly and nice. The office is very clean and I think it’s cool that I have to brush my teeth with mouthwash before each visit.” – Christos, 9 years old

“I am a patient of Dr. Vossers, and at first, I was nervous about having braces but his assistants made me feel comfortable. Dr. Vossers knows what he’s doing and I know that when I get my braces off I will have a beautiful smile.” – Claire, 11 years old

“Dr. Vossers and his friendly, caring staff have provided me with the highest quality, yet most affordable orthodontic care imaginable. The office has a family atmosphere, and you are made to feel a part of that family. I would recommend Dr. Vossers to anyone.” – Anna

“It is hard to believe that I first saw Dr. Vossers nearly 20 years ago! I still recall the level of detail and preciseness he demonstrated during my first evaluation visit. Within a month of getting my braces off, my husband began his orthodontic treatment with Dr. Vossers. At this point, we had relocated to Charlotte. Despite having many local choices in orthodontists, we chose to travel two hours because all other orthodontic experiences we explored paled in comparison to Dr. Vossers and his staff. Everywhere else, we felt like we were being run through a puppy mill.

“To carry on the tradition, my first child went through braces with Dr. Vossers. Again, we commuted back and forth because at this point I had a level of trust with the doctor and his staff that I knew could not be replicated elsewhere. My daughter completed treatment with a beautiful smile and remarkably different facial profile. In fact, she recently finished Air Force basic military training and during a required dental exam by a military dentist was told she had the most beautiful teeth he had ever seen! What a fantastic compliment!

“So here we are nearly 20 years later, and our youngest daughter is currently in braces. Without question, we knew we would make the sacrifice to miss school and work every few weeks to drive to Burlington to see Dr. Vossers. I think her completion of treatment will be bittersweet. We will be glad to be a family with perfect teeth and matching ‘Vossers smiles,’ but at the same time, we will miss our regular visits to the office.

“My family’s experience at Dr. Vossers’ practice has been outstanding. The quality of service and patient care are second to none. Even little details like calling for an appointment are hassle-free, particularly compared with other dental/orthodontic offices. With Dr. Vossers’ staff, I have always felt welcome, valued, and comfortable—we are all on a first-name basis and they know us when we call or walk in the door. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Vossers and his staff and would recommend this practice to anyone seeking the very best orthodontic care.” – Kathy

“Dr. Vossers and his complete staff were very hospitable and did a great job during each appointment to be sure I was taken care of and had a lot of fun. I had previously worn braces as a teenager and revisited the idea of wearing them again when I was in my mid-forties after feeling I wanted to improve my appearance. I was extremely pleased with the treatment and the results, as was my dentist. Dr. Vossers was also able to provide other dental options through orthodontics that eliminated the need for implants or bridges that worked out great for me.” – John

“My experience with Dr. Vossers and the entire staff has been excellent. Being a patient needing adult orthodontic services, the staff made me feel really comfortable and their services are very detailed. Dr. Vossers really cares about his patients and his spirit of excellence and customer satisfaction is something that cannot be compared. They are very flexible with scheduled appointments and follow-up. The after-care is very important in providing the results that are needed. I highly recommend his services and some of my family members are also patients. We extremely value the care and services we received!” – Alanna

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